Reel Fill Calculator

Reel Nameplate Information:

Line Capacity (yds)
Line Diameter (in)

Proposed Line Diameters:

Backing Diameter (in.)
Core Diameter (in.)
Leader Diameter (in.)

Proposed Line Lengths:

Backing Length (ft.)
Core Length (ft.)
Leader Length (ft.)

% Backing
% Core
% Leader
% Total Reel Fill

Common Line Specs:

Manufacturerlb testDiameter
Berk. Big Game100.012
Berk. Big Game120.014
Berk. Big Game150.015
Berk. Big Game200.018
Berk. Big Game250.019
Berk. Big Game300.022
Berk. Big Game400.024
Blood Run Copper320.03
Blood Run Copper450.033
Opti Copper300.028
Opti Copper450.037
Howi Copper450.036
Suffix Perf LC180.025
Suffix Perf LC270.029
Suffix Perf LC360.033
Suffix 832 LC180.027
Suffix 832 LC270.029
Power Pro200.009
Power Pro300.011
Power Pro400.012
Power Pro500.014

Important Notes:

  • Line capacity specifcation accuracy can vary from reel to reel.
  • Due to inherent errors and assumptions, it is likely good practice to target the reel at 90-95% full and go from there.
  • Always use Berkley Big Game line diameters for lb test listed on the reel as a general rule.
  • Always keep decent tension on your line when spooling.
  • Always use a linear line counter. These can be purchased at Bass Pro etc. The line counters on the reel are only accurate when the reel is close to full.